Creator of the skate shop SELECT: Bruno Rouland 

SELECT skate shop was founded in 2001 in Aix en Provence by Bruno Rouland influential skateboarder on the French scene ... 
In 1977, he discovered skateboarding then, from 1982 Bruno begins regional competitions, national and international. He lives his passion from 1986 to 1990 he won several titles and also became the first French to have had a pro model produced by Death Box, a legendary brand which will become the Flip on. 
The debut of Bruno Rouland in the industry before to have set up his shop skate Select 
In 1990, Bruno is the first representative for V7 distribution created by Jean Marc Vaissette end 1989 So for more than 10 years, he has greatly contributed to the development of all French customers in the middle of slides at the Skate Shoes , Skate Clothing, Skateboards and snowboards, such as: Skate Shoes: DC shoes, Es, Emerica, Etnies, Axion, Duffs Clothing: Vision, Droors, Xlarge, Element ... 
Skateboards: Plan B, World Industries, Blind, Element, Girl, Chocolate, Real, Stereo and lots of other ... Snowboards: Morrow, Forum, Division 23, Type A, H Street, Specialblend, Foursquare and lots of other ... 
From 2001 to 2011, he was sales agent for DVS, Lakai and Matix for 2 years and created the brand logo? 

In 2001, the birth of skate shop SELECT whose spirit is above all very skate and street in which he defends and promotes the various street cultures: music, DJ's, dance and graphic design; and winter sports skate, surf and snow. 
Select team is composed of Nicolas Molina, who was first sponsored skater since 2003, then became salesman in 2004 and the store manager in 2009 and Clement Tornare, aged 23, a skateboarder for over 7 years which earned him a great skate culture. 
The whole team of SELECT skate shop is always happy to help and advise all those wishing advice. To meet them, go to 26th Street mignet 13100 Aix en Provence April 42 96 90 12 or contact for any questions. 
Purchases can be made on where you will find all your happiness. 

We are not here by chance !!! 
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